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Posted by themainman September 9, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Let me start by saying I really like China and I'm curious about Chinese food...I'm from America, a lot of people enjoy Chinese food once in awhile, mainly because it is so greasy and salty...not something I would want to eat everyday...

also, the Chinese food that is typically served in the US and other countries, particularly Japan, is quite different from what is actually served in China...in fact I'd say it is quite a bit better, but that is a matter of taste I guess...

anyways, I've done a lot of travelling and I have to say Chinese food is the worst cuisine I've ever had...the food is drenched in oil for every meal, and the Chinese people seem to be totally oblivious to this...pretty much every Westerner I've ever met who has travelled through China complains that the food is terrible...I think it is funny that the Chinese people often times think their cuisine is the best in the world...

what do other Chinese lovers such as myself think?  Do you guys love China but dislike the cuisine?  

what do Chinese people who have lived abroad think about the local cuisine after returning?  

I have learned to just agree with Chinese people how great their cuisine is because at the end of the day I love China despite not being a major fan of the food, and it is much better to be harmonious and get along with everyone...but I really am curious what other poddies think!!!









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