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Activity Stream. what's up these days?

Posted by zhenlijiang September 29, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hi CPod--this isn't a complaint (though it may sound like one)! Just wanted to ask when you think you'll be able to give the AS your attention again.

Intermediate level has always been kind of low-activity anyway, but the last time a teacher / staff member posted a comment there was September 11; the last time anybody's post was marked green/pink was September 10. Other levels also seem to have similar absence of teacher participation. Also, seems like there haven't been any new lesson-related prompt questions in a while.

I'm assuming all your teachers and staff are currently extremely busy with other, higher-priority things.

Since the AS was introduced to give us a place to practice writing Chinese and be able to do so by making brief comments that don't have to pertain to any specific lesson, and I believe I've personally had fun and benefited quite a bit from it, if you've reviewed and had any change in policy (maybe there's been a shift and the conversation boards are now considered just as good a place for us to practice our writing--?) I'd be interested in hearing about that.

It would be nice, if you are keeping the AS alive and mean for it to thrive, to have some more feedback again. The teacher participation / response was very good for a brief period; if you can maintain a more consistent level of feedback I would keep encouraging more people to drop by and participate (I did use to all the time before).

Thanks for listening! Cheers

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