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A Hibernating Mode for Learning Chinese

Posted by henning October 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: learning, strategy, efficiency, hibernating

For career related reasons I will have to cut down my Chinese studies significantly - probably for a time frame of about 2 years. I already limited my community time, but now I need to go to the real meat.

What I absolutely want to avoid is losing it all during that time. So my primary goal for the next to years is: Keeping and consolodating my level.

What I think might work:
- listening to podcasts in idle situations (housework, commuting, etc.)

- casually reading some Chinese material

- keeping a daily "hibernating slot" (max. 45 minutes) in which I do some writing, work through the lessons here, or do some HSK material (not all each day and not in a high dose).

The fun times with 90-120 minutes each day plus some really heavy learning on the weekends are definitaly over.

Sigh. Hope it works.

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