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Vocab lists, tags - suggestion

Posted by BaiHei April 16, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

The "tag feature" in the vocab section of "study" seems to be quite useful. I tagged all my stored vocabulary - agonizing, but now it works. I can do the flashcard and concentration game with the vocabulary of a chosen category. 

Minor problem:

The longer the list of "all vocab" grows the more difficult it is to get at the end of the list where the newly added vocab waits for me to be tagged. There are 13 list pages now and with this tag feature available my vocab store will grow considerably. 

Suggestion (btw, would you use 提议 or 建议 for "suggestion" in this context?):

Just in case you can spare some time, of course ;-).

  • Add a button or a drop down menu which enables the eager and ambitious student/poddie to show more than 10 entries per list page.
  • Add an  "untagged vocab"  button (or something similar), so one can use this one to get quick access to the untagged vocab.


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