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HSK questions (a lot of questions!)

Posted by dahouxiaohou November 4, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: HSK, universities

Hi guys,

tried to find a thread on CPOD about the HSK, but search came up empty, so decided to start one myself.

I'd like to know of people's experiences of studying for and taking the HSK - for how long did you prepare, did you feel it was worthwhile (other than for getting a certificate)?

What level did you take? How difficult did you find it (how long had you been learning Chinese before you began your HSK prep)?

How proficient were your writing and reading skills when you took it? (I'm looking at the intermediate levels specifically)

How and where did you study? Can you recommend any particular university programs? Has anybody studied in Zhejiang Uni? (I obviously have personal reasons for thiking of ZheDa)

Finally, does anybody know of the status the new HSK? Is it in effect? If not, when, and what are the major differences?

He he, as you can see I'm full of questions, answers to any of the above would be most appreciated,



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