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~Reading Confusion~

Posted by ichikawamakoto November 5, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

I want to learn Chinese but I speak and read Japanese so I often confuse the meanings of characters in my head. For example in Japanese 勉強 or 勉强 (simplified Chinese) means to study, however in Chinese it means to manage to do something difficult or force someone to do something. While there might be an amusing relationship between the two ideas (for those of us who hate studying) the meanings are pretty different. I love finding the differences and similarities between Japanese and Chinese characters and since Japanese ones are much closer to the traditional Chinese characters I can read them without much effort. However for simply studying Chinese on its own and trying to read is difficult and I'd imagine the difficulty will only increase once I get above a beginner level. Anyone have a similar problem or advice? I'd greatly appreciate any feedback!

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