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Planning to visit China... Help! 帮助我!

Posted by yueshuya November 8, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: trip, china, tourism, Airfare

Ok so it's really not THAT serious. But basically my friend has come up with the idea to go to China and for me to accompany him. So I just have a couple of questions and figured this would be a good place to ask them. I did try checking the boards, but couldn't really find anything, if this has been discussed already, please direct me with a link and I'll be appreciative! :)

But basically, just a couple things we want to get a general idea of real quick. 

1. For a 30 day trip, taking the train to about 5 different cities, staying at relatively cheap hotels/hostels, and not eating at touristy places (except I might have to grab a Starbucks once or twice :D ), how much would this run? Excluding airfare to and from. (which by the way I'm figuring is going to run around 1500 bucks, as the dates are going to be mid Dec through mid Jan)

2. Is it recommended to book most of your hotels/hostels beforehand, or just do it when you get there? Cheaper doing it there right?

3. Any other suggestions for low-budget college students are greatly appreciated! I'm basically planning to just, well plan this thing out myself without a travel agency as we're really low-budget.


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