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Kidnap in Shenzhen?

Posted by chanelle77 November 18, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

I was wondering if any poddies (in Shenzhen) heard about a recent kidnap in Shenzhen?
My ayi has a sister who lives there and this afternoon (while she was at my home) her sister gave her a call and I understand something was very wrong because of her many “aya's”. So I asked her what was up and she told me the following:
Her sister has 2 neighbors either one of them has a son. When they finished with their classes, they were approached by a few men and they kidnapped the kids. They asked for a ransom and one of the parents was not able to pay. One kid was returned somehow and the other murdered (with a knife) and thrown in the sea. Obviously she was quite upset...
I was wondering if this was anywhere in the news? My ayi told me China is “bad” these days and she really is worried about the safety of her sister’s daughter. They all go to the same school etc. Maybe she is next? She told me that Shenzenren are considered to be rich and this often happens….
So, I was wondering if this is true? This kind of news obviously is not on the front page of the China Daily and I am curious if anyone read / heard about this? I am 100% sure my ayi is not making this up. I was quite shocked about this story and was really wondering if they caught the responsible “people”.

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