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No one can cure my sickness!

Posted by paulinurus November 22, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

大家好,不好意思我很久不这里写帖子,当秋天的时候我工作太忙哦!Sorry guys for not posting here for a long time, in the fall my work load is way too busy!

Here's a phrase I read this weekend which I think is a 'no way' a West brain would know how to structure without learning it as a 'chunk' because the reasoning and the literal wordings of a Chinese sentence can be quite different from the way we structure the words in the English language to convey the same meaning.   

A: 听说你身体不好,常常去看医生。你怎么了?Tīng shuō nǐ zuìjìn shēntǐ bùhǎo, chángcháng qù kàn yīshēng. Nǐ zěnme le?

B: 我过敏。Wǒ guòmǐn.

A: 你对什么过敏?Nǐ duì shénme guòmǐn

B: 我不知道,医生们也不知道,所以谁都治不好我的病。Wǒ bù zhǐdào, yīshēngmen yě bù zhīdào, sǒuyī shuí dōu zhì bù hǎo wǒde bìng.

谁都治不好我的病 who all treat no good my sickness = no one can cure my illness.

Why don't (can we?) just write this Chinese phrase in the WB format? For example, something like this:没有医生知道治我这样的病.

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