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Posted by stevealex December 6, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello, all. I'm a long-time student of new Mandarin, new listener to Chinsepod. I've been studying over three years in Heilongjiang Province and shocked that I haven't stumbled upon CPod before.

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the content and website and seriously considering signing up now that my trial period has expired.

My only major point of concern is what seems to be conflicts in pronunciation between what I hear and read on a day-to-day basis, and what I occassionally hear from the CPod Advanced hosts. For example:

Whenver Jenny says 课程 it seems the 程 (cheng) is pronounced (chen),without the "g". In many cases 课程 then comes out sounding a lot like 磕碜 which is a very different word.

This isn't the only case of the missing "g". In 中国崛起, the 成语 称王称霸 seems to be taught properly, but then then one of the hosts says during the banter, 这个意思就是自己chen自己. Again, I believe the aim here is to say 称 and not "chen", correct?

The issue also arises in 中医面临的危机 in the very beginnig of the banter where Jenny says 生存的问题, but 生存 actually sounds like 身存, which, according to various online dictionaries, is not a word. Again, the issue here simply seems to be that the hosts are not very standard regarding their pronunciation of some -g ending words. Is this a Shanghai-accent related issue?

Another pronunciation errors arises in 中国崛起 when the hosts are explaining 暴发户. The dialogue uses the standard pronunciation, where as the hosts pronounce 户 as 火, making 暴发户 sound like 暴发火, again, which isn't a word that I know of.

Again, I'm a new listener, so perhaps these are the only areas of discrepancy that exist throughout the entire website, and I would hope so. I really enjoy the content here, and believe it's the best available online, but I'm having hesitations about learning daily from a site which seems to have a number of pronunciation errors. I consider myself a "发音纳粹" and do not like to have to relearn words simply because I've been taught them in correctly at the outset.

Suggestions and advice much appreciated. Please keep up the good work!

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