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Let's talk about awesome words

Posted by simonpettersson December 13, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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One of the most charming things about Chinese is the way words are formed by putting together smaller lexical parts (characters). This results in a language that is imaginative and colorful. Let's not talk about the sound transcripted loan words like 巧克力 (qiǎokèlì, chocolate). They are not awesome. They suck.

However, there are some words that, when you learn them, just make you say "Dogg that is so rad." Here's my current favourite: 脑袋, nǎodai. It means "head", and is composed of the characters for "brain" and "container". Bain box. That is totally sweet. "I just got smacked in the brain box". I'm gonna import that.

Do you have any such favourites? Tell me about them!

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