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Avoiding Procrastination

Posted by pretzellogic December 16, 2009 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: study, strategy, motivation, focus, learning mandarin, procrastination

I'm a serial procrastinator. There are times i'm surprised I've accomplished anything at all.  I sit down to study a lesson, or review a lesson, but then realize i'm hungry, or the phone rings, or I need to google something, and then its an hour later. Certainly, this journey of 10,000 steps called learning Mandarin needs you to do something to stay motivated and focused. 

I'm curious to hear from anyone regarding how they've managed to procrastinate less.  I doubt that serial procrastinators are ever cured, but it would be interesting to hear if someone actually overcame procrastination to become the highly effective, time efficient, mandarin learner. 

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