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Commenting Policy: Some More Explanation

Posted by John December 30, 2009 in the Group General Discussion .

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On a recent lesson, there has been some discussion of the ChinesePod commenting policy, particularly with regards to how much Chinese in comments is acceptable at different levels.

Some users interpreted that as ChinesePod possibly preventing them from practicing reading or writing their Chinese.  This, of course, is not our intent.  As I mentioned on that thread, the whole thing started because:

There was a recent rash of all-Chinese comments from non-learners, and I was simply trying to stem that.

We need a policy in place so that our removal of certain comments doesn't seem random.  We have that policy in place, but the goal here is learning Chinese, so we're going to enforce the policy to that end, not just to delete stuff.

The kind of stuff we will delete are irrelevant (or semi-relevant) posts entirely in Chinese that are not useful (do not help learners), do not help foster a cooperative learning environment, or will simply confuse learners at the level the lesson is meant for.  (For example, you don't launch into an all-Chinese history of the grammaticalization of 在 (zài) simply because 在 is used as a preposition in an Elementary lesson. It's not helpful to Ele learners, and it's not appropriate.)

We're here to help you learners!  Let me know if you still have questions.

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