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2010 study goals/resolutions?

Posted by suxiaoya January 3, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .


A few days into the new year, it seems like a propitious time to have a discussion about plans and goals for Mandarin learning in 2010. Hopefully we can bring about a mass motivation boost to see us all through until December!

So, the question is: Have you made any resolutions relating to your Chinese studies in 2010 or set any kind of plan for progress in the coming months?

To improve my spoken Chinese in 2010 is the main aim for me. My flatmate and I have recently discovered a penchant for Chinese soap operas, and I think regular bumper viewing sessions of these will go a long way in improving my listening skills (alongside ChinesePod dialogues of course!). But spoken Chinese is another skill set altogether so I am hopeful that starting the Executive Plan will help a lot (I'm starting very soon).

I also hope to spend more time with Lu Jiaojie in our informal English-Chinese language exchanges (I am very lucky to have her as my teacher!).

Through bringing speaking practice into my everyday life in a more substantial way, rather than just settling with the usual daily life exchanges, I think I can make the step up from Intermediate, where I've been sitting too comfortably for too long, to Upper Intermediate... I'll keep you posted on that!!

So, how about you? What have you set out to achieve this year? Do you want to make the step up from Newbie to Elementary on ChinesePod? Work up to having a conversation with your Chinese inlaws? Please share!!

FYI: Current lesson discussions relating to this matter include "New Year's Wishes" and "What have you done in 2009?"

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