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Chinese name for me

Posted by simonpettersson January 5, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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So I recieved a mail from my contact in China. He called me "西门". At the end of the mail he asked me if I have a Chinese name. I thought of saying "I do now!" but then I sorta realized "西门" sounds a bit too much like a type of bodily fluid in English. So now I need a new one. I like the "西" since it's both phonetic and meaning-appropriate. But the "门" has to go.

My name in Swedish sounds a bi like "See-mon", where the "mon" is to be pronounced with your best Jamaican accent. My inner 14-year-old wants to name me "西龙" (western dragon!). But that might sound a tad try-hard. Or does it? I have no idea how this stuff is percieved in China. Bruce Lee was called "小龙" after all, wasn't he?

Another possibility is "西明". "明" is quite a common character in Chinese names, isn't it?

I could also take the first character from my last name, I guess, but all tone pairs with a first tone in the second position sound ugly to me (except maybe 3-1), so the "西" might have to go, in that case.

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