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Having trouble translating.... :S

Posted by EmmaLouise1 January 22, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

There's this blurb on the back of a book I've got (and I've still yet to get past page one :P) but there's parts of it that are confusing me... :S Here's what it says:


第一, 愛德華是吸血鬼

第二, 於天性, 渴望喝我的

第三, 可救藥地

I understand line 1 to mean "There are three things I'm sure about" and line 2 to mean "First, Edward is a vampire". However, I'm struggling with line 3 and 4, especially line 4. 

For line 3, I've got "Second, ________, he wants to drink my blood" but I'm not about the 於天性 bit. Is it something like "since birth/in his nature/a part of him"? I kind of get the basic gist of it but I don't want to stray too far away from the actual translation....

For line 4, I'm completely baffled :| I think it's something to do with her loving him but I'm not really sure in what context/why/how etc

Could a few Poddies help me out please? ^^

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