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Desperate help needed with study strategy!

Posted by EmmaLouise1 January 31, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Please help fellow Poddies! I think I'm having a minor breakdown here... o.O 

I've been studying with CPod for a few months now and up until now, I've been pretty much just listening to a few lessons a day, getting used to how the language sounds, basic pronounciation etc But now I'm determined to progress and I'm going to take it seriously from now one but I have NO idea what so EVER about how to study! Sounds a stupid question, but where on EARTH do I begin?!?! Especially in regards to a lesson! Do I listen first, look at transcript first, try to read characters off by heart or what? Argh, so confused, what kind of order should I do things?

I've got all these fantastic resources (one month premium to just try it out), a graphics tablet I can use for skritter, numerous books on grammar, a few vocab books and a dictionary and not to forget CPod! But what do I do with all these great things?! 

Please, give me some kind of structure plan/advice! Tell me how you study, it might help me! :)

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