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Posted by simonpettersson February 4, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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There really needs to be some pruning or at least some easier way to look for groups you like. There are tons of doubles (something like four different "lesbian in China" groups) and many groups with one member and no posts (many of which are named things like "test group").

It seems to me that groups are supposed to fill the niche of sub-forums, but they don't really seem to be working too well. Nobody really knows how to use them and often posts relevant to a group is posted outside of it. I don't really use the feature at all, really, except for replying to posts that are already in groups (for which I have to join the grou itself, making me sometimes not bother to reply).

I know a lot is happening to the community section these days, so maybe there's a reworking of the group system already planned? If not, maybe there ought to be. Or at least, as I said, a pruning.

(I suggest standardizing a number of groups and making them behave more like subforums, so that all posts need to be in a group (with a "general" catch-all group, of course). The open-source forum system Vanilla (http://vanillaforums.org/discussions) could serve as an inspiration. It has a great way of using categories while still showing all discussions on the same page, so you don't fracture the community and have empty forums just laying around.)

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