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The Pickup Artist

Posted by Tal February 13, 2010 in the Group Transcripts with Tal .

Tags: dating, chatting up, picking up girls

D0828 - The Pickup Artist

Here's a blast from the past to see in the Year of the Tiger. The Pickup Artist was actually the very first lesson I ever studied on Chinesepod, (not because I'm an incurable skirt-chaser, it just happened to be 'lesson of the day' the day I discovered the Pod. )

I'm still rather fond of it though, there's much to be learned here. I enjoy the humor of the cheesy lines and the performance of the feisty 小妹 who just will not give 面子 to the desperate guy looking for a girlfriend. There's also the suggestion of possible real love at the end as he finds at least one 女孩儿 willing to give him a chance as long as he's sincere. Can he do it? Well... if you can fake sincerity, you've got it made.

Bound to be a few mistakes in there, so I welcome feedback and correction from fellow transcribers.



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