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Lesson ID Redirect

Posted by John August 8, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but the new ChinesePod Dictionary uses a lesson redirect like this:


The last number is the V3 ID (the ID number we've been using since V3). So if you just change that number to whatever lesson you're looking for, you can jump to it instantly. (You can't use it for Extra content, though, and you can't include the alpha prefix (A, B, C, or whatever).)

We're working on an easier way to jump to a lesson ID, but in the meantime, this will work if you need it.

If you use Firefox, there's another thing you can do to make it even easier to jump to a specific lesson ID. Save a ChinesePod page to your bookmarks, then find it in your bookmarks and right-click it. From that menu, choose "Properties."

Edit the bookmark properties as so:

Name: ChinesePod Lesson ID

Location: http://chinesepod.com/lesson-redirect-v3?lesson=%s

Keyword: cpid

Description: (anything) 

(The only part of that you can't change is the Location.)

After you click "OK" to save your changes, you can use your new shortcut.

In the browser location bar (that's where you type website addresses), type in:

cpid 0500

It should take you directly to the lesson page for lesson B0500, "Elementary - Traveling around China."

Try it with different numbers. Easy!

You can make it even easier if you want to change "cpid" to something even shorter. 

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