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What are your most ganga 尴尬【awkward】 Chinese moments?

Posted by bababardwan March 2, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

What are your most 尴尬 [awkward/embarrassing] Chinese moments?

Unfortunately I don't have any great anecdotes myself [but they don't have to be on this thread...just anytime you felt ganga] that I recall.Usually I just find them funny myself..like when I first started trying to learn Chinese and the classic tone mixup where I was trying to say I liked the food at the restaurant..xihuan ...and they were ready to march me to the kitchen to wash the dishes [perhaps they thought I was intimating I couldn't pay] much to my families amusement.

The only other one that comes up occasionally is where I start chatting in Chinese to someone I think is Chinese only to find I've got it wrong [or sometimes they are Australian born Chinese who've never learnt the language].I'm right about 9 times out of 10,but I've never learnt a good way to avoid this,as I think if you start in English it's harder to make the switch [any thoughts on that too would be interesting].

Another thing to discuss here is:

..suggestions on what not to say to get a conversation going in Chinese.

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