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China the Beautiful

Posted by bodawei April 21, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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I think of China as America with beautiful writing 

Why?  The people of both countries ..

a)      appear to be vying for superpower status (one on the way down one on the way up?) 

b)      occupy a large area of the Earth's surface  

c)       accommodate a wide range of behaviours deemed normal 

d)      obsess about ‘bigness' (eg. the population of cities - it is a point of pride to come from a large city, or come from a country hosting many large cities, and the numbers might be a tiny bit exaggerated) 

e)      use a voting system that remains a mystery to the rest of the world 

f)       speak a language that spends far too much time on the letter ‘r' 

g)      take comfort in a level of self belief that confounds lesser peoples 

h)      eat a lot of corn 

i)        [despite h] above] have a younger generation growing up rather on the obese side (not that there is anything much wrong with that)  

j)        tolerate a health care system that is inequitable at best 

k)      reject the bicycle as a practical form of transport 

At a personal level I find both societies inscrutable - I barely understand the culture of either country (which is my defence for the above list.) Can poddies add to my list (or more likely tear it to shreds?)     

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