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Thank You in Advance!

Posted by zhenlijiang March 16, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

Some time ago Xiaophil asked about how to say "Thank(ing) you in advance!" in Chinese (just where I can't recall). We say this in closing our question or request for help, both to ask for responses and to acknowledge that whoever would come up to offer answers will be taking the time and trouble to do so.
I believe Xiaophil asked if it would be good to say 首先感谢你们 for that, and a native speaker--don't know if he/she is still around--had said yes that was good.

I guess I've always felt unsure about that though, as it doesn't seem that 首先 is something you ever close with, seems that you only ever use it in an opener. 首先 doesn't seem to say "in advance". I ran searches with 首先感谢你们 and found--people opening their comments and posts with it. Haven't yet come across anyone signing off with it. This seems to confirm my suspicions.

So ... to express this Thank(ing) you in advance! in Chinese, it seems good to simply add a 谢谢 at the end of our request for help. Is this right?
Or is there a more apt way to say it? How about in formal situations, when it's to close a business or official letter?
Or am I just completely off here?

Hope you don't mind I did this Xiaophil.

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