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A Potato Atlas

Posted by bodawei March 20, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: food, potato, Yunnan

How about we record the dominant word for potato in as many regions of greater China as possible?  And any interesting related facts?  We will all at some stage need to order a plate of shredded potato!    

I will start with Yunnan - can any poddies help with the accepted term in other areas?  

云南 Yunnan 洋芋 yáng yù.   Note: 土豆 tǔdòu is understood but rarely used in the capital.  Outside the capital 土豆 is not used at all. To further complicate matters there are many areas outside the capital where people do not speak 普通话 - I am told that generally people can understand (learnt from TV) but do not speak it. I don't have any dialect words for potato.  Also, potato is usually eaten in the capital mashed (with varying amounts of chilli.)   

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