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Posted by xiao_liang March 20, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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How did you all choose your Chinese names, or were you given them? I remember a news and features where Sarah discussed the fact she was given a few names to choose from!

In my case, for a while I've been called 小凉 (xiao liang), but that's more of a nickname, I've realised I need a proper chinese name if I'm to visit China. Or at least a transliteration. Since my name is Stephen, that gives me two options:

史帝夫 (shǐdìfu) - Steve

史帝芬 (shǐdìfen) - Stephen

To be honest, I'd rather go with the second, since 芬 means smell, or scent, and I'm not that keen on being called "History, Emperor, Smell", rather than "History, Emperor, Man".

Any name-related stories?


Conversely, I'm also fascinated by the process that Chinese people go through in choosing their names. Jenny wrote a blog post on it a while ago:


Aside from the weird and inappropriate ones, it always makes me giggle how particularly chinese girls love to pick names that you'd normally only hear from an old lady! They're kind of sweet, but names like Dorothy, Lily, Vera, Connie, Gloria, Grace, Peggy - these are all names just from Chinesepod, but all old lady names! Vera is my 86 year old grandmother's name!

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