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歇后语/Terrible puns

Posted by jackpenguin March 24, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Tags: puns, xiehouyu, 歇后语,成语,俗语

大家好!我已经好久沉默地出没Chinese pod,真是沉迷于学习中文- 特别因为现在不在中国。反正,没有在身边的中国人可以来烦扰问很蘑菇人的语言问题真使我很寂寞了,于是决定了问你们,将自己成为更积极的Chinese pod会员;问题就是如此:

谁听说过'歇后语'-'the words after the pause'?尤其,你们怎么体会了人家把这种谜语使用在日常生活中?我不知道人其实用不用这种很抽象的说法,可能是太文绉绉?表达‘歇后语’到底是什么,怎么构成,很难,我暂时用英语来解释;

Basically, it is a kind of terrible pun (I'm not sure if they are groan inducing puns or whether people find them clever) where you say a phrase, and omit the punchline another phrase which says the same thing in a slightly shorter way- but here's the thing, the second phrase 'sounds like' another expression entirely, sometimes a 成语 or 俗语, sometimes very rude. 譬如:

班天空里挂口袋... 装风 (听起来像 '装疯')

和尚打伞 - 无发无天 (无法无天)

火烧旗杆 - 长炭 (长叹)

a couple to do with outhouses:

茅坑里丢炸弹 - 激起公粪 (公愤)

粪坑关刀 - 闻(文)也不能,舞(武)也不能

瞎子背瞎子 - 忙上加忙(盲上加盲)

猴子学走路 - 假惺惺(假猩猩)

There are some funny Cantonese ones too.

Anyway, has anybody ever heard this kind of thing used? Has anybody ever invented a new one to describe a recent phenomenon?

希望大家感兴趣,邀请你们交流交流一下 :)

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