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The funniest most awkward absurd question you've ever been asked...

Posted by Kyle September 28, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

As all foreigners here in China know, we get asked some strange questions.  Most conversations, in cabs for example, begin like this: 

师傅: 去哪儿? (Where to?)

外国人 : 中宝大厦. (Zhong Bao)

师傅: 天啊! 你的汉语说的真棒! 你每个月的工资是多少? (God! Your Chinese is excellent! How much money do you make every month?)

 Now, as we discovered on a recent podcast of "Dear Amber", most Chinese are just curious about foreigners and few have an opportunity to speak with one in-the-flesh.  However, some questions deter from the beaten path...

Today, for example, I was asked if America still used normal cars.  After clarifying that I understood the question correctly, and hadn't misheard, I promptly replied that, no, we had traded them all in for jet packs. 


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