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Media level...is there a higher level?

Posted by bababardwan May 2, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

I'm enjoying the journey here as much as anything,but I suppose one's ultimate goal is to be fluent...to be able to converse naturally in Chinese.So if I ever reach the level where I can readily follow Media level that would be more than enough for me.But I am curious about something.I've only tuned in to a couple of media lessons and I'm not in any position to judge this.But it seems the material is often sourced from Chinese media of some form.I'm well aware of how in Western media at least the content is dumbed down so it's accessible by the masses.It is not at a level that good literature is at.My guess is that the same occurs in Chinese media and thus in CPod media lessons.Can anyone confirm this? It would be interesting to know how it compares to good literature.Perhaps Henning will have insight after having translated some of Dream of Red Mansions.Of course in that case it was written two and a half centuries ago so the evolving nature of languages can also give some discrepancies I guess.I have no desire at this stage to take on a whole work of literature,but if there is such a discrepancy I'd be very interested in looking at an excerpt of some contemporary work of literature.It'd be nice to have a peak at what it's like up there.Comments?

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