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How to describe using a Chinese washing machine using Chinese?

Posted by xiaophil May 12, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .

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My work has provided a fairly user-unfriendly washing machine.  I always struggle to describe using it without caveman Chinese.  I wrote down the steps for using it in English and Chinese.  I'm hoping some of you can give me some input.  I know there are big mistakes.

How to use an un-automated Chinese washing machine:

1.       Pour water to the washing machine, add clothes and soap.

2.       Use the ‘standard setting' on the ‘select drain/fill' dial, and select the maximum cycle time of fifteen minutes on the ‘wash cycle' dial.

3.       After the cycle is finished, drain the water and then pour water again for the rinse cycle.  Run the washing machine for fifteen minutes.

4.       Repeat step three one more time.

5.       Place the clothes into the spin-dry machine (I don't even know this word in English).  Make sure the clothes are distributed evenly, otherwise the spinner cannot reach work effectively.  Select the full 5 minutes on the ‘spin-dry' dial.

6.       Pull out your clothes.  Your clothes should be ready to dry.


1.       在洗衣机里倒水,放衣服和加点洗衣粉。

2.       用"洗择开关"标度盘的标准功能,然后在洗涤定时标度盘上选择最长的时间,十五分钟。

3.       洗衣服周期后,排水,然后为了冲洗衣服,又倒水。用洗衣机十五分钟。

4.       重复第三步一遍。

5.       把衣服放在脱水机器里。确定衣服摆均匀,否则机器不能工作。在"脱水定时"标度盘选择五分钟。

6.       把你的衣服拿出来,现在你应该能烘干你的衣服。

Note: terms I had particular trouble translating are highlighted.

Bonus question: how to say "spin it for five minutes"? 旋转五分钟?


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