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Marking as "studied"

Posted by xiao_liang May 21, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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I'm curious how others treat the lesson tools here in terms of marking lessons as studied? In my case, I'm having a bit of trouble, because I'm just starting to listen to intermediate lessons. 

Previously, with newbie and elementary lessons, it was easy. I'd listen, maybe a couple of times if needed, go through the additional tabs, read the expansion, then do the exercises. If I felt I'd got a good grasp of the grammar and vocab, I'd mark it as studied, problem solved, lesson off the list and I can move on.

With Intermediate, there's so much more grammar and vocab to learn that I would find it very hard to get to this level of "studied" on any level, so although I'm studying them, I'm not yet marking any of them as studied. For example, I was looking at the "a fated meeting" lesson, and on the vocab page I count 17 words that I've not seen before. Along with the extended dialogue, and longer exercise, I've no chance of getting a good score, and it will take me several nights of study to get even half of this into my head.

What it means is that my lessons feed is filling up with Intermediate lessons. I'm not sure how I will progress into intermediate if I can't move on from any of the lessons! 

How do other people handling it? Chinesepod, I know it's "learning on your terms", but do you have a suggested method?

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