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6 months learning Chinese just to see my friends' face

Posted by stephbaillie May 22, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

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... when they'll realize that I am able to speak (a little) chinese.

Here is the plan: me and three school buddies (we've known each other for, hem, over thirty years) decided to come to Shanghai for the expo. We made that decision last fall. So I was looking for something fun, a surprise. Then I thought about it. I guess by now you know. I stealthily started studying Chinese six months ago. We are going to Shanghai before mid June, and here what I am planning to do. First I'll just follow along for the first day. Then, when time come to have dinner or a drink or be together some place, I'll probably start a conversation with the waiter or something like that. This requires courage, as I am hoping that whoever I am going to talk to will understand me and reciprocally. But the motivating part is to imagine the look on my friends face when they'll hear me swapping conversation in Mandarin. It's really 6 months of work for thirty seconds of hilarity. Actually, not really, because those 6 months were not "work" but more a great learning experience which I plan on continuing when I'm back in France, and as regards hilarity, I've caught myself many times grinning in anticipation. 

Obviously, I'll have to post again to share the results, how it happened (around the 12th or so). Wish me luck :-)


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