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i'm getting desperate

Posted by darklord06 June 1, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .


I am writing this post because right now i am quite frustrated and I am hoping to get some help.
I have been studying chinese on my own for two years and a half now (no teacher, just various methods on the internet and watching chinese tv) and i must say that after all the time i have spent trying to learn it, I am almost ready to give up.
So far i think i have reached a basic speaking/reading level but what frustrate me the most is that after 2 and a a half years of studying it i can barely understand a sentence that might be said in a dialogue in any chinese tv show, I know that progress isn't supposed to come overnight but this is starting to feel pointless....

do anybody have a good personal methodology that they developed to learn chinese that worked for them ? at this point i would take any tip to help me out :)

thank you

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