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Posted by bodawei June 26, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Some people have said that they could do without the 'rankings' tab - my view is that more data about site use would be better than less. A focus on the top ten users is of limited use to anyone. Anyway, for those that have more than a smidgin of interest, the first half of 2010 has seen a 100% increase in comments over 2009. Unfortunately, my sense is that the majority of the increase is debate over changes to the site. Some other matters that the data shows (assuming it is accurate, and noting that we only have data for the top ten users in any period): 1. Heavy users tend, on average, to stay around for about two years. Clearly it takes its toll. :) 2. Teachers/other ChinesePod staff are very light users compared to the poddies. Very light. Clearly ChinesePod does not put much instructional effort into the community, and perhaps that is a good thing. I think the podcasts are the real strength of this site. 3. While ChinesePod staff have little time on the community boards, a couple - Amber (before my time) and 'PoemsWithPete' Pete made a big impact. Amber just scrapes into the 'top 10' of the past 4 years, and Pete didn't even make it. [Note that the data is incomplete - this only counts your posts if you made it into the top 10 list for any given year.] But anyway, they provided quality if not quantity. I wonder if poddies can make other observations about these results.

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