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Jenny at Learning 2007

Posted by kencarroll October 21, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .


 Elliot Masie

Jenny mentioned in a previous post that she is in Orlando for a conference. This isn't just any old conference. Let me give you some background on it.

It's called Learning 2007 and it is organized by the Masie Center out of Saratoga Springs NJ. The Masie Center is a mixture of consultancy and highly influential think tank focused on corporate learning, an  issue that has become a major concern in the post networked world. The Masie Center works with the largest corporations and some of the smartest Chief Learning Officers in the world. 

Elliot Masie's yearly bash has become legendary as as source of insight, talent, and ideas. 2,500 CLOs and others get together to learn about learning. How are organizations dealing with the new pressures on staff to learn ever faster? Which tools can help? Are there pedagogies or other learning insights that can assist? There's a million questions.

 Although they focus on corporate learning they draw inspiration from a very wide range of sources, including this year, cooking and learning Mandarin. Some of the keynote speakers are Don Tapscott (author of the book 'Wikinomics'), Dan Pink (author of "A Whole New Mind') and other luminaries such as our own Jenny Zhu.

The theme is 'Learning Changes'. Everything about learning is changing - how we define it, how it happens, why people need to learn, as well as the tools and skills to enable it. You can see a video introduction to this subject by Elliot himself here.

 As I wrote Jenny has probably just finished her keynote - it took the form of a chat with Elliot, rather than a speech.  I beleive this, and other parts of the conference, will be avaliable on video audio format soon.


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