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Use of 過 in sentences with multiple verbs

Posted by freddy1705 July 2, 2010 in the Group I Have a Question .


I have a grammar question. The experiential marker guo 過 is added after the verb as we have all learned...

But what if a sentence contains more than one verb. To give an example: "Have you been to this restaurant and tried their food.". We have the experience of going to a place PLUS the experience of trying their food. Having learned Chinese in Taiwan I know that the correct, albeit "台灣國語" version is: 你有沒去那家餐廳吃過她們的菜 nǐ yǒu měi yǒu qù nà jiā cāntīng chīguo tāmen de cài but this is unacceptable in "proper" mandarin.

Would you say 你去過那家飯店嘗過她們的菜嗎  nǐ qùguo nà jiā fàndiàn chǎngguo tāmen de cài or use just one guò and say 你去那家飯店嘗過她們的菜嗎 nǐ qù nà jiā fàndiàn chǎngguo tāmen de cài

or use one guò only and put it behind qù 去 ?

Which one sounds more native?

Thanks for your input

Freddy 阿賓

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