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Website Updates 21 July 2010

Posted by suxiaoya July 21, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi All -

In an effort to keep everyone fully informed of changes made to the site, we will be posting up a list of updates in the General Discussion group - even for minor iterations - as and when they happen. We shall continue to communicate more significant changes through the ChinesePod blog, newsletter and News & Features.

Most recently, the tech team have made the following changes:

1. "All Groups" filter added in the Community section

This means that it's now possible to view conversations taking place within all groups, even within those you do not belong to.

The main reason for this is to encourage users to join and participate in groups, by making them more accessible. This feature is being tested and may not be permanent. Do let us know what you think!

2. "Pinyin tone mark converter" - now enabled by default

Our onsite Pinyin converter makes it possible to type tone markers easily when using Pinyin (i.e. ni3 hao3 >> nǐ hǎo). This functionality is not new, but it is now enabled automatically. As a result, at the bottom of every post that you write, you should now be able to see a "Convert Tone Marks" button link.

3. ‘Skritter Lite’ - enabled by default

As above, the Skritter writing pad add-on is enabled automatically now. Premium users can practice writing characters in the vocabulary section of individual lesson pages, or through their personal Vocabulary Manager, accessible through the "Tools" section.

That's it for now, guys, but we'll keep you updated on all such changes and developments as they happen.



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