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好好说好/ Different uses of 好

Posted by chanelle77 July 26, 2010 in the Group General Discussion.


My friend and I encountered (nr 10) an odd use of 好 and consequently were wondering how many different uses of 好 there are and came op with the following (not complete).

Does anyone know other uses or how many different uses of  好 there are? Would be interesting to hear :-)  

1) 你好吗? (good)

2) 这本书很好 (useful)

3) 我好买东西 (to like)

4) 好好让我买好东西 (better / rather?)

5) 好好买东西 (carefully)

6) 东西多,人好买好东西 (be easy to get)

7) 老公,你给我买这个好东西吗? 好了! (agreement)

8)   我买了好多东西 (much)

9) 买东西好不容易。(very)

10) 我想买东西, 好带回去送人 (为了)

(ps. I do not dare to ask for a QingWen on this as one of my questions recently got answered)


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