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An Interview with Zhang Ayi Beijing Standard Time

An Interview with Zhang Ayi
David, Greg
housework, Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, dialect

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Today's BST is a mini-follow-up of sorts to our previous podcasts on Chinese dialects. Due to requests from a number of our users for a podcast with a taste of 四川话 (Sichuan Hua), we present an interview with Zhang Ayi. Hailing from Sichuan, she discusses Sichuanese, her experiences in Shanghai, and celebrating the new year in her hometown with us. Enjoy the show and leave your comments and questions below! If you haven't already, be sure to check out both part one and part two of our BST on Chinese dialects. Eager for more of Sichuan? Try ChinesePod's Hungry Traveler: Sichuan lesson!

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