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Happy birthday Eileen and DavidL!

Posted by AuntySue November 15, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

It's Friday, and two more birthdays! David (trevelyan) and Eileen, happy birthday and best wishes for the next exciting year of life!

These two people don't always get the limelight they deserve, but we appreciate their work daily.

David has brought some rare talent in making all of the features involving Chinese text "just work" in a way that allows for recent and future enhancements, reduces the long term workload behind the scenes, and bases everything on a robust and sustainable foundation. Most people would only know him by his angel voice and charming wit, but there's so much more to this guy. Working integration magic at the place where Chinese computing server technology meets sound pedagogical innovation, this guy is a genius and we are very lucky to have him here with us. Have a great birthday David!

Eileen is the glue that holds our community together. She is our number one ally, our treasured informer, listener, benevolent double-agent, advisor, and fixer-up of all that seems unfixable. She is the single strongest link between the students and the staff. A person who mostly works quiet and unnoticed, somehow she's "always there" and we've drawn on that countless times. Eileen is the person we've grown to trust, to depend on, and to love, as our community develops. Even at our darkest moments Eileen has stuck in there taking the flack from all angles and determined to restore happiness and put everything right, and if you look around now you will see how wonderfully she has pulled that off. Somehow Eileen has managed to achieve the seemingly impossible for us, over and over again, without taking the credit herself. Thank you so much Eileen, and may you have a thousand happy birthdays!







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