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Progress Tracker Updates

Posted by catherinem November 29, 2010 in the Group General Discussion .


We received a great deal of feedback from you about our progress tracker, which was created earlier this year. We've taken many of your suggestions and integrated them into our simplified, updated version. Today I'd like to introduce some of these changes.

Before replacing the old progress tracker with our updated version, we'd like feedback from the community at large. We've already received some great feedback from users who tested the progress tracker for us (thank you!) And would now like to open it up to everyone. You can check out the new version here.

This is what the current progress tracker (the one the update will replace) looks like:

We've broken up progress into different sections to make it clear where this information is coming from (lessons studied, test scores, etc.) and what trends your progress is taking.


My Lessons

In this view, you can see the distribution of the lessons you have marked as studied across different levels. You can also see, in green, the number of lessons at each level ChinesePod recommends you complete before moving up a level. Your studied lessons (in dark blue) are a percentage of total recommended lessons (in light blue) at each level.


Placement Test

Your next graph is a placement test graph. If you've never taken a placement test, you can click on the link to do so. The more times you take the test, the more points on the graph you'll have. All of your tests will be plotted together, regardless of length (we have progress tests of different lengths).


Level Test

The next graph is similar to the placement test. This is the level test. You are tested with questions from one level only. If you've taken this test at different levels (intermediate and upper intermediate for example) then you'll have a different graph for each level. Each point on the graph is a different occasion on which you've taken the test.


Teacher Service users (Guided, Executive, etc.) will see this bar graph (not available to basic and premium subscribers) at the top of the Progress Tracker page, which indicates how far along in their course they are.


Send us your feedback!

We truly hope you find these changes helpful. Our central goals were making it clear what data was being represented and allowing for a more straightforward representation of learning trends for each individual user. Of  course, if you have questions, comments or feedback, please contact us at support@chinesepod.com, respond to this post in the comments section, or PM anyone on the team! We hope to formally make the change from the old progress tracker to this updated version next Monday, December 6th.


If you'd like to comment on the Progress Tracker Blog Post, you can find it here.


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