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How should I start learning Chinese?

Posted by casey.johnson March 4, 2011 in the Group General Discussion .

Hey, I need some help here. How should I go about learning mandarin Chinese? I will be learning on my own for a couple of years then in college I will learn the language in class. I am also planning to take a trip to China in a year or so.

Ok so here is how I have been trying to learn and the progress has been really slow. I listen to a lesson and learn how to pronunciate each word under the "key vocabulary" until I know how to pronunciate it correctly with the correct tones. I then transfer the words that I learned how to say over to Skritter to learn how to write the characters. ( When I write the characters, I do not really know what all the strokes mean etc.) The way I am learning is a very slow progress. How should I go on about learning this language? Should I focus on learning vocab and forming sentences in my mind and don't worry about writing it?

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