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What is unique about CPod?

Posted by kencarroll February 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I'm trying to understand you, the ChinesePod users. I'd like to know what you perceive as unique about ChinesePod. What is it that you find here that you can't find elsewhere? What is different about CPod? What gives it an advantage over the alternatives?

When I stand back I see certain qualities that may be unique to this model:

  • The daily lessons. These take the form of events that give people reasons to keep coming back and keep learning.
  • The community and social dynamic - learning together, the community of practice, etc.
  •  The 'para-social' relationship between practitioners (us) and learners (you).
  • The flexibility, choice, mobility
  • etc

 I cannot be objective and the question is what you think not what I think. We're determined to keep focusing on the things that you people need or want. I'll be pushing that point more in the near future, but right now I want to know more about why you see CPod as unique or different.


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