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Pen and paper?

Posted by AuntySue February 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

If you write Chinese by hand regularly, what kind of pen and paper do you use?

I used brushes a lot when learning the first few characters, because I felt it helped me to get a feeling for how the characters were constructed. There's somethings that you just can't do with a brush, and other things that are easy and natural but look fancy. But I guess the real reason I used a brush is because it looked like fun!

Then I started with a soft pencil and the squared paper, big squares for a couple of days but then settled on 1cm squares, and purchased many exercise books that were ruled that way. Now, months later, they gather dust.

These days I just use a normal notebook and pen, and use my eye to constantly admonish my fingers "make them square!" I do have a bit of trouble sometimes, when a character has a lot of horizontal strokes and they won't all fit in between two of the ruled lines. So I try to use the finest pen I can find that writes smoothly, and I'll let my characters wander down past the writing line when they're being really stubborn.

What does everyone else use when hand writing? Normal pen and paper? Squared paper -- for how long? Blank unlined paper and let your characters go wild?

Oh, and while we're at it, does anyone else write on the wall in the shower, or am I peculiar? 


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