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Posted by henning February 23, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I listened to lots of Chinese radio today and during the last weekend.

I was surprised what I can understand by now after almost 2 years of CPod. As I acquired about 90% of my vocab here, this also reflects the current distribution of topics.

To my surprise I was best in following discussions about movie stars, love, and relationships. In one show the quota of understanding reached beyond 80% - OK, the interviewed actress was not the quickest (neither in speaking nor thinking) and her vocab was perfect for an intermediate learner. 

Second came traffic-related subjects. Yes, all those trains, plains and automobiles worked relatively smooth (albeit not as smooth as the gossip stuff), despite the fact that speed was rather high. I would guess I got 40-50%.

This was followed by general news (rate fell to about 15-20%). Definate issue is the reading speed in the news casts - the signal densitiy is pure terror. Also weather is still not sufficient - obviously that one intermediate show was not enough.

Some subject I hardly got what they were about - especially one about medicine and health. Science in general is a weak point.

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