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Posted by cassielin February 27, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi everyone,

I had backed to school for some days and i missed you guys.  Well, i will often come here to see you guys althought this semester will be a little busy.

It is late here and i just want to share something new with you guys before i get to bed.

I think everyone know the expression that "Practice makes perfect". And the chinese version is 熟能生巧shu2 neng2 sheng1 qiao3

The word熟in the expression means 熟练shu2lian4=practiced/skilled/skillful, The word 生here means 产生chan3sheng1=produce. The word 巧means 灵巧ling2qiao3=handy.

This expression set root in my mind. For me, there is no shortcut for learning spoken English just practice. The more you do, the more you gain.

Here comes another new word 捷径jie2jing4=shortcut.

Hope you guys will like it.

Good night!晚安wan3an1


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