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May I have the envelope please... 奥斯卡 Àosīkǎ (Oscars!!) Winners!

Posted by amber February 27, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .


May I have the envelope please!! The winners to the First Annual ChinesePod Oscars are:

* Best Lesson - Abducted by Aliens * Best Comedy - Parking Lot Rage * Best Drama - Jizhou Mental Breakdown * Best Lesson Photo - Are you OK? * Best Supporting User - Henning * Best Lesson Intro - What meat is this? * Best User Avatar - sparechange * Best Series - Zhang Liang and Lili * Best ChinesePod Extras Show - The 连 . . .都 (lián . . . dōu) Qing Wen episode * Best User Post - Bazza: "You know you're addicted to learning Chinese when..." Thanks for everyone's votes! Here's to another great year of learning Chinese!! We never could have done it without each other! ...(fade in music to get long-winded speech giver off the stage...)

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