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Anyone else having severe difficulties at Intermediate level?

Posted by BEBC March 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I've just graduated from elementary level after about 9 months, and have been studying several of the Intermediate lessons. I'm afraid that the "jump" in level is too great for me. I spend huge amounts of time trying to understand the explanations. I don't learn simply by absorbing the sounds of chinese...I really do need to understand a little of what is going on. I'm tempted to ignore the explanations. Has this worked for anyone else ? In fact I'm considering abandoning Chinesepod for the present untill I can improve my chinese sufficiently to follow the explanations. I'm sure I'll be told "just stick at it", but this way of language-learning doesn't seem to suit me. I don't expect to be spoon-fed, but I do need to understand things a little more by being able to relate them to English.
I'm sure the pod intermediate method works for many people, but not for me. Is anyone else having the same difficulties

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