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Most interesting places you've listened to Jenny & Co. teach Chinese

Posted by rich May 28, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Hey all...I'm back... been travelling and so haven't seen ChinesePod in a while... and somehow I knew when I came back today I would be facing the new website that we saw SpanishPod change to a few weeks back, and lo-and-behold, it had.  I haven't even begun to get a feel for it, and sadly I wasn't around to see all the posts about the switch over nor have I begain to read them.  I still remember the switch to CPod V3.  We calling this one V4 now?  Fill me in.

Well, I thought I would put a more interesting Title on this post than "I'm back" because who really cares anyhoo?  Ha ha.  But I was thinking after traveling to Paris, then London, then Around the coast and islands of Scotland how many places the lessons that Jenny & Co teach managed to get listened to by me.  While I'm listening to them on the go usually, I have to note that there have been a few places where I never thought I would be studying Chinese but found myself purposing listening to ChinesePod because it was just something I had to do:

1. The Louve 卢浮宫: When wandering around the Louve in Paris I had to listen to Chinese at the same time  (and oddly, just a tad too late right after my trip to Paris巴黎, two lessons came out with "Louve" 卢浮宫 in the vocabulary)
2. Eiffel Tower 艾菲尔铁塔: I actually had so much time on my hand and spend a whole day in the Eiffel Tower.  But being surrounded by metal in such a high place, you can only study Chinese before watching to be back on the ground.
3。British Museam 大英博物馆 WHILE in the Chinese exibit:  Can you say nerd?? Okay, must admit, that is just a little too much Chinese, but I don't care for being in silence in museams
4. Under and around Big Ben 大笨钟:I actually did take the "London" lesson with me on that trip, and played the couple's disagreement for a few Chinese friends in London when at Big Ben...they laughed.
5. On a boat cruise of Loch Ness 尼斯湖:Just did this last week... wondered if the Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, knows any Chinese...
6. Sitting on the Isle of Iona: An island off the Isle of Mull that is famous for an Irish Christian missionary (Columba) bringing Christianity to those parts in the 6th century, and the island still keeps to that spiritual message of good news.  No Chinese people there though. :(

Well, those are all I can think of.  Last year I even took ChinesePod to the Great Wall, but that is too close to Cpod's home to almost not count as an exotic place.  You guys listen to ChinesePod in any unusual locations?

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