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Save email address and password????

Posted by rich May 25, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Still not quite sure why there is a "Save email address and password" option in the login, and I really wish that I could just every time I open a web browser be right there on my Connect page as my IE/Firefox homepage.  What exactly does that figure do, when no matter what, when all browsers are closed and then opened I must log in again?  I don't find ChinesePod to be that data-sensative to even care if someone gets on as me...what will they do, delete my vocab?  Gmail and Yahoo let you go right into your inbox without login...why not CPod?  Was just feature just never implemented?  I would like to make CPod's Connect page my homepage, but right now Google Reader is more reliable in giving me a quick glance at who's posted what.  Thanks for listening and implementing!



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