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Typing Cantonese characters

Posted by peterberlin1980 August 7, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I think there is an input system for typing Cantonese characters using the Cantonese rominazation system but not sure.  In lack of such a system how can you type some of the common characters that come up in Cantonese.

Example:行 hang (广东话). You can type xing.

             无 moe (广东话). Just type wu, same meaning, same 


Some of the characters often used in 广东话 but rare in Mandarin are, I'm sure, available to input using Pinyin (but of course with totally different spellings from Cantonese).

The characters I want to type are

gum (广东话) meaning so (汉语: 这么/那么)

hai (广东话) (汉语: 是)

koi (广东话) (汉语: 他/她)

Does anyone know if the characters for these words exist in the Pinyin imput system and if so how they would be written in Pinyin?

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